Carrot Palya


Carrot Palya

Serves 4  

This is such a quick & easy dish to make to serve with dosa or chapati.  Especially good with a bowl of guacamole and a pepper rasam or green gram tovve.  The secret to getting this simple palya just right is to saute the grated carrot very minimally so that it is just slightly soft, but still retains its freshness and isn’t overcooked.  I found that using the smaller grater attachment on the food processor or box grater makes a difference to the finished dish.  The jaggery and coconut make it slightly sweet, so it is a favourite with the younger and more fussier eaters in the family. I keep it very simple as I love how the carrots get to shine, but you could easily spruce it up by adding finely chopped fresh coriander, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of lemon zest.

Ingredients :

4 medium carrots

1 teaspoon ghee/oil

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1 generous tsp jaggery/brown sugar

1 heaped Tblsp unsweetened dried coconut

sprinkling of salt

Preparation :

Top, tail and peel the carrots.  Either using a smaller hand grater or your food processor (using the smaller grater attachment), grate the carrots.  Pick out the bigger bits and finely chop them, adding back in with the rest of the grated carrots.  Set aside.

In a deep skillet, heat a spoon of ghee/oil.  When hot, add the mustard seeds, then when they pop and splutter and turn grey, add the grated carrots. Using two spoons, toss the carrots around as you would toss a salad, keeping the carrots moving.  Saute just for a minute or two.  Add the jaggery and dried coconut and a sprinkling of salt.  Serve immediately, or if you are making ahead, transfer to another dish so it doesn’t continue to cook, then serve at room temperature.



É uma receita fácil e rápida.

O segredo desta palya é simplesmente saltear ligeiramente a cenoura de forma a ficar um pouco tenra mas mantendo a sua frescura. Coentros picados pode ser adicionado.

Esta receita fortalece o corpo, é fácil de digerir e é adequada p ara todas as constituições. Pode ser consumida em todas as estações do ano.


• 4 cenouras médias raladas (média de 1 cenoura/pessoa)
• 1 colher de sopa de ghee
• 1/4 colher de chá de sementes de mostarda preta
• 1/4 colher de chá de açafrão em pó
• 1/2 colher de chá de sementes de cominhos
• 1/2-1 chilli (opcional)
• 10 folhas de caril frescas
• 1 colher de sopa de côco ralado
• Sal a gosto


1. Numa caçarola de fundo pesado aqueça o ghee e junte as sementes de mostarda e o chilli (deixe as sementes estalarem bem).

2. Adicione o açafrão, folhas de caril, sementes de cominhos.

3. Junte a cenoura ralada, côco e o sal a gosto.

4. Salteei 5-7 min. Sirva de imediato.

Se servir mais tarde transfira para um prato para garantir que não continua a cozinhar.

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